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Metal driveway security entrance gates set in brick fence

High-quality Designer Gates and Pergolas

At Mannz Construction, we offer designer gates and pergolas that can uplift the look of your house or commercial property. We can customize our gates based on your preferences and the design of the house. We sell and install gates and pergolas in the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas. If you are planning a fencing project for your house or commercial space, reach out to us today. We will be happy to be of assistance if you want to know about anything related to fence gates. You can also go through our gallery to explore some of the projects we have completed over the years.

Black metal property entrance gate with a car and trees in the background

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of designer gates and pergolas in Burnaby. Some of our services include:


  • Customized gates
    Need a gate created to match the overall aesthetics of your home? We have your back! Get in touch with us, and our team can customize the gates into any colour you want. You will get all sizes and designs of gates at Mannz Construction. 


  • Cedar gates
    These gates are among the most popular options for designer gates these days. Our customers love them, and so do we. This is why we offer various options for cedar gates, including single swing gates, double swing gates, and trellis gates. 

  • Chain link gates
    These are usually found in commercial places and can provide a high degree of security. We have single swing gates, double swing gates, sliding gates and double sliding gates. Come to us when you need chain link gates and we will help you identify the perfect fit for your requirements.  


  • Trellis and pergolas
    Trellis is basically used as a landscaping item in gardens. On the other hand, pergolas are thought of as a simple solution to adding a partial roof to your garden or patio. Our experienced team can offer the installation of trellis and pergolas that can uplift the overall look and functionality of your landscape.

Pergolas 2.jpeg

Upgrade Your Landscape

We offer beautiful designer gates and pergolas that can complement the overall design of your lawn or farm.

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